Parenting Education Course

2018-03-23T14:37:28+00:00 court ordered parent education classes for parents raising children between multiple homes due to family transitions such as divorce or separation or for those who are interested in learning better co-parenting and coping skills.

Parenting Education Course 2018-03-23T14:37:28+00:00

Child Impact Course

2018-03-23T14:36:52+00:00 arranges Child Impact Classes that facilitate communication and planning among custodial and non-custodial parents so that children have safe and consistent access to and visitation with both of their biological parents and family members.  Child Impact Classes improve understanding and support of children's emotional and social needs, and decreases the negative influences of separation and absentee parents on the child.

Child Impact Course 2018-03-23T14:36:52+00:00

Domestic Family Violence Course


This Domestic Violence class is an approved Domestic Violence Batterer Treatment Program and follows approved standards to insure quality treatment leading to the elimination of domestic violence and abuse.

Domestic Family Violence Course 2018-03-23T14:33:58+00:00

Substance Abuse Course

2018-03-23T14:28:03+00:00 offers a State approved Deferred Entry of Judgement (DEJ) Treatment Program and follows approved standards to insure quality treatment leading to the elimination of drug and alcohol abuse and the violence associated with it. These courses are ideal for court requirements.

Substance Abuse Course 2018-03-23T14:28:03+00:00

Shoplifting Prevention Course

2018-03-23T14:25:11+00:00 offers court approved shoplifting awareness programs, anti-theft classes, retail theft classes, economic crime classes, petit theft classes, online shoplifting classes, Florida Impulse Control Classes, Texas economic crime classes and Spanish Programs.

Shoplifting Prevention Course 2018-03-23T14:25:11+00:00

Anger Management Course

2018-06-08T13:46:42+00:00 offers a stress-free option to complete court, school and employer course requirements online or in-person.  We offer nationally recognized and self-paced court-ordered classes that focus on helping students identify their personal triggers and learn to control their emotions before their behavior becomes detrimental, inappropriate or violent.  Licensed counselors have prepared courses that are fast, easy and stress-free.  Simply study, take the test and print your verifiable Letter of Completion.

Anger Management Course 2018-06-08T13:46:42+00:00

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